Swimming pools need a deck not only for utility purposes but to add to its beauty and aesthetics. There are several materials available for your decking, but the top would be paver, which is made from natural stones.

If you are considering natural stone for your pool’s deck, read on to find the top 4 natural stones that you can use for your pool’s decking.


The rich brown and red undertones of travertine allow it to blend completely into a classic landscape and architecture. Travertine is a natural stone that absorbs water instantly. Therefore, making it safer than some other materials. Irrespective of the weather condition, travertine is always cool to the touch. Simply put, it’s easy for the natural stone to stand up to high temperatures. With a travertine pool deck, you need not worry about burning your hands or feet.


limestone is commonly known for its earthy tones often found in old structures; the natural stone is also available in a variety of colours. These vibrant colours can withstand several years of exposure to the sun or any weather condition. This natural stone is fossilised organic and inorganic matter that gives it a silky texture. This is a kind of quality that cannot be found in other natural stones. This texture makes Limestone Tiles the softest natural stone available.


As you may know, marble is quarried from mountains throughout the world. It has a premium feel and look that makes it luxurious. To put a marble floors greatness in perspective, they are classic, stylish, and opulent. A timeless beauty. You can notice the quality of marble through its translucency. One thing to note is your pool deck should not be polished, as it can be a risk for falls and slips.


When you are looking for hard material, granite is your answer. The toughness, durability and sterling appearance of granite gives it the opportunity to be among the top four natural stones you can use for your pool deck. In general terms, granite has high-water resistance, and it creates a look that depicts elegance.

There are many other materials you could go for, but these are the top 4 out there. Always opt for quality as it will pay off in the long run.

Source: https://lithicaustralia.com.au/


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