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Bathroom Vanities

Marble countertops are a beautiful addition to your home and can bring with them a sense of elegance.
With the proper maintenance, marble countertops can last for years to come.

Kitchen Countertops

Choosing Granite, Marble, Quartz or Soapstone countertops can be a difficult decision when you don’t know enough how the process works. Virginia Stone Design will help walk you through the various steps and choices to consider when buying your new countertops.

Fireplace Hearths


Quartz has become more popular with its attractive appearance, durability, and easy maintenance and a very suitable alternative to natural stone.


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What stones do we work?:


Are a popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. This material is made from finely crushed quartzite stone mixed with a acrylic resin creating a sealed, non-porous surface. It also makes it more resistant to damage and discoloration. In addition, this process allows manufacturers to create any stone texture they want, you’re no longer to only patterns found in nature.


Is formed from liquid magma, molten rock found from the core of our planet. Granite is a igneous rock, which has cooled down slowly to form a substance the hardness and durability of a diamond. The chemical composition of granite is similar to that of lava. Granite owes its hardness and density because it has been solidified deep within the earth under extreme pressure.


Is significantly softer than Granite, making carving and etching much easier. Due to its softness it is highly reactive to acids and will need to be sealed often to help reduce chances of staining etching.
Marble is a sedimentary rock that has been buried deep beneath the surface of the earth. When heat and pressure are applied over millions of years it creates Marble
Marble is not recommended for kitchen countertops but can be used for flooring, vanities, and fireplace surrounds.


Soapstone is a material that is finding its way into many log homes. It’s a great looking material and has some unique properties that make it a great choice for many rooms.

Soapstone is impervious to products found in the kitchen that would stain other materials like granite or marble. Its non-porous properties also make it impervious to bacteria.

Soapstone is found around the world. In the US, most soapstone is quarried in Virginia and Vermont.





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