Granites and marbles are some of the stones that can be used in gourmet areas of houses and condominiums.

There are many possibilities for stones for gourmet areas. Only of granites and marbles there are dozens of types, colors and textures that can be used in this area of ​​the house or condominium that is so special.

Whoever designs this space, which is aimed at fun, smiling, good conversations and good food, cannot leave out something very important: the material that will be used in the sink, on the table, on a bench and even on the floor.

In this article, we will show you some options of stones that will make your gourmet space a place of tranquility and beauty. Check out!

Gourmet Stones Black Granite and Calacattas

For those who think of a more modern gourmet area, black can be the ideal choice for pieces, such as the sink and countertops. On the floor a lighter shade, like calacattas granite, contrasts and gives lightness to the environment.

Quartz and Granite Arabesque Samoa

United Granite PA Kitchen Gallery

Quartz, the most abundant mineral on Earth, can be an option to be placed in the coating of one of the bench or sink structures. From a distance, the shine and texture of the stone guarantee a differentiated environment. On the bench, a tip is to bet on samoa arabesque granite that has a grayish tone.

Super Nano Marble, Bahia Beige Granite and Siena White Granite

For those who really like a gourmet space with a clean and hygienic aspect, you can abuse coverings made of super nano marble and table stones in lighter shades, such as Bahia beige granite or even white Siena.

As we have seen, the combination of stones is also possible, but remember to consult a specialist in the area to show you the benefits and harms of your choice for the type of place you want to install, as well as the treatment that each stone you should receive so that no unnecessary stains, slips or wear occur.

After all, the important thing is to have fun without wondering if that glass of wine can stain the stone that you chose with such affection.


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