Winter weather is slowly making its way into the Midwest. As temperatures drop and the holidays approach, you should not forget about your natural stone! 

Many homeowners have installed natural stone flooring in their homes. Natural stone is a durable home flooring option, however, you still need to be mindful of your floors, especially during the winter season. 

Below, we explain why natural stone flooring is so beneficial, as well as give some tips on how to take care of your stone floors during the upcoming winter months!


Natural stone is one of the easiest decisions to make when it comes to flooring options for commercial or residential spaces. This is due to the durability and lifespan. Natural stone flooring is a long-lasting product compared to man-made products that can start to deteriorate after a few years of winter weather. 

Not only is this stone durable, but it is one of the easiest flooring options when it comes to maintenance. This flooring option is low maintenance and hygienic, it can easily be wiped down with a dry cloth swiffer! Natural stone does not collect dander, dust, pet hair and other common particles compared to some other flooring materials. 

Oftentimes, residential spaces believe that natural stone will be a cold option on their toes during the winter months; however, this could not be farther from the truth. Before natural stone is installed as a flooring option, radiant heat solutions can be added underneath the flooring to provide warm toes all winter long! 

Natural stone flooring options can be installed inside and outside of a residential or commercial space which can help to increase home or commercial value! Natural stone provides an elegant and unique appearance in all spaces it is installed. Once the natural stone flooring is installed in a residential or commercial space, it is important to properly maintain the floors! 

Tips on taking care of your natural stone during the winter

During the winter months, snow and other materials are easily tracked into your homes and can end up damaging your natural stone flooring. Not only the snow itself, but the ice melt used to clear entry ways as well. Here are some preventative maintenance tips to help you protect your natural stone flooring all winter long!

  1. Place mats down to keep salt, snow and water off the flooring
  2. Ask your guests to take off their shoes once they come into your home
  3. Sweep away any salt residue
  4. Mop up any salt residue
  5. Remove all snow and ice from entrance and exit ways
  6. Clean off those entrance mats and rugs
  7. Do not keep using mops or cleaning pads that have salt residue
  8. Call US NOW for the best advice! 

During the winter, it’s especially important that you are doing what you can to take care of your natural stone floors and ultimately make the most out of your investment. As snow begins to fall these winter months, use these tips to keep your natural stone floors safe!

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