Why are Fireplaces & Hearts so important?

Why are Fireplaces & Hearts so important? So you are in the market for a new fireplace, but too often we forget the importance of a good hearth and what it is that they actually do.

So what is a Hearth? It’s the floor or ledge on your fireplace extends into the room as well as the wall around the fireplace is called the Hearth. 

The Hearths serve a very important purpose as well as visually draw attention to the fireplace one of the key focal points in the room setting. 

So, hearths essentially were created to serve a purpose rather than strictly as decoration. They make the fireplace area a safe place and also prevent fire hazards. They extend into the floor space and effectively prevent burning embers or logs from falling onto the floor and potentially burning your carpets and floor coverings. They are more helpful with wood fires/stoves as they offer protection from embers and ash but also can give you an area to store your fireplace tools or even a space to store additional wood. Hearths create a safe zone and space to stand and you can also place a barrier to ensure children do not go near the fire. 

Fireplaces definitely provide a focal point to any home. Hearths around the fireplace use materials and patterns that set the areas apart from the rest of the home. You can get really creative with the look of them as well and go for either a classic or contemporary look to make it stand out in the room setting. 

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